Quality over Quantity: The Re-evaluation Of Friendships At Face Value


This past year has been extremely busy and challenging.  No one can predict what life will hand you.  It has taught me not only about myself, but has shown me much about the friendships that I have in my life.

It has shown me that not everything is in my control.  That my personal best is my own form of “perfection” and that was something that I desperately needed to wrap my head around and accept.
It has shown me the characteristics in friendships that mean so much to me – the things that I need and deserve in my life.  The things, that without, would be deal breakers:
Supportive people who do not look for gains or opportunities to benefit themselves, or take advantage of others in any way shape or form.
Loyal people who will say what they need to your face rather than behind my back.  We always find things out, so it’s just best to say it to their face.
Empathetic people who understand that I do not have any time for myself but are still okay with a friendship that has been reduced to a few random emails, phone calls, or text messages – because THAT is the ONLY amount of time I have in the day to spend on “myself”.   I miss my girly dates and I wish to have more of them in the future!
Face Value – what you see is what you get.  There are no games, there is no hidden agenda, there is no stress.  The friendship is just “easy”.  It’s real.  It’s safe.
Authentic people who genuinely care for my wellbeing -they don’t make me feel guilty, or insufficient as a friend.  They make efforts to maintain a friendship that may seem one-sided at times without making you feel stressed out.  You know you can count on them in a heartbeat before you even need to ask.  They realize that sometimes things are unbalanced, but they just let you know it’s okay to just be yourself.
To those people in my life, THANK YOU.  Thank you for being a QUALITY friend.  For showing, unselfishly, what a real and true friend is.  For lifting me up when I feel like a failure as a friend, or mother and for bringing positivity back into the word friendship, because, let’s face it – there are not many of you “quality” people out there.
You are God’s personal angels.  It is his way of whispering in my ear and letting me know that I really am going to be okay in this life – and everything will work out as planned even when life feels chaotic xo