For Better Or For Worse: Accepting Good And Bad Past Experiences

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about things of the past, both good and bad?  I do.  I can tell you that many of the things I reminisce about are either really spectacular, great memories I shared with others and enjoyed, or they are the horrible, really bad ones that I dwell on and wish I could re-do, or take back.  Never anything mediocre and in between? .. I’m not sure why that is.
One of the many lessons I have learned, or rather, have been reminded of on a continuous basis is that the past is the past – the good and the bad have made you in to the person you have become today.  Still, there are some times when I review my  previous years and perhaps out of sheer maturity through over time I find myself rolling my eyes, doing a slight shoulder shrug and a sheepish grimace … wishing that it was all a dream .. but it’s not … I don’t do this for many things -not many things at all- but there are a few 😉
The reality of it all is that life is about growing and learning.  Where we were ten years ago is a completely different reality than where we are today both mentally, and emotionally.  We live through the times and develop into a much more complex human being year after year. I can’t speak for all, but I find myself digging deeper into the meaning of things – my actions, people’s actions.  I do not just simply, “live” day-to-day.  I find myself analyzing the good and bad actions of myself, and the people I surround myself … and evaluating whom i’ve become, and who I want to continue to share my life with.
Let go of your tears that have been a symbol of your attachment to the past. The sadness and self-pity will not wash away one tiny fragment of your past. Gently remind the wounded part of yourself that that was then and this is now. Learn from those experiences. Bless them as great teachers, and then come rushing back to the working unit of your life, now! ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer
Lessons from the past are probably the most influential way of learning, for me.  I am definitely a “feelings” girl so when things upset me or give me a negative feeling I tend to not forget them very easily and vice versa – things that are great give me a great and positive feeling and I remember those times.  Learning from your past is a great way to make you into a better more evolved you.  Embrace both the good and the bad.  Learn from anything negative that you have brought into your life or worked through because of other individuals.  Remind yourself daily of your values and what you want to surround yourself with in your day-to-day routine and make your future as spectacular as you wish for it to be.  Afterall you, and only you, have the power to place yourself on the right path for your final destination … I would prefer to be somewhere positive, with skies filled with copious amounts of emotional sunshine!

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