Prologue; The Curious Case of Who I am …

Sitting in the middle of laundry, a crying baby, a barking dog … I sit myself down for a much needed break and think to myself, “What should I do with these 5 minutes” .. after all, 5 minutes is equivalent to an hour when you reside with a toddler!  Let’s blog!

I’ve seen blogs, read blogs, been inspired by a few blogs…  how hard can it be?  LOL!!  I won’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to write the first paragraph.  I believe I lost my imagination, and creativity somewhere between working full time, and going to school – or wait, perhaps it was in between getting married and my first child? … I can’t recall, but i’m not even 100% sure you can “technically” lose something like that … nonetheless it needs finding.

Ultimately, this blog is going to be for me.  An outlet to express, or vent (depending on my day).  A resource to share my stories of being a wife, a mother, a friend and finding me.  A silent partner along for the ride in my journey to finding my happily ever after!  Please fasten your seatbelt … this could be a bumpy ride!


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